Pokemon Gijinka.

Has anyone seen these?
I remember seeing them everywhere a while ago, but I never found out where…
But today I finally found them, they’re right here: http://www4.atwiki.jp/hitec/

I took a look around, and the person who drew them did a really good job! The pokemon really seem to fit their human versions, some cute, some cool and some are hillarious!
Although there were some pokemon I thought could be done in a different way, the artist’s view of them was still very interesting and fun to see.

Here are some of the ones I liked especially:

That’s Weedle as you can see, isn’t she adorable?

And here’s Marill. Aww, look at her outfit!

And finally, Swinub. Is he having a nightmare?

These were only a few of the ones liked, there are plenty more great prictures to see!
If you haven’t already seen these, I recommend you take a look. They’re awesomely drawn, and fun to look at!

Credit goes to http://www4.atwiki.jp/hitec/ for the pictures.

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